A new community for the new economy.

Established in 2018 by Michael Bloomberg, the New Economy Forum is a community of global leaders engaging with the world’s most significant changes and challenges. The inaugural event was held in Singapore on November 2018, bringing together business, government and social leaders such as Henry Kissinger, Janet Yellen, Arianna Huffington and Bloomberg himself.

Given the status of its rival, the New Economy Forum would need to differentiate itself by embodying a vision of the new economy nations that—with 400 world leaders and CEOs from 60 countries—was as inclusive in philosophy and pragmatic in approach. Media activations and OOH impressions were propelled by the very salient questions that the Forum’s participants would work together to answer. Boldly cropped images of the new markets, industry, scientific advancement ratcheted up the energy of the campaign. Rhapsodic voice-overs in three TV spots, mixed to highlight the new pluralism of the global economy, drove home a message of hope amid the challenges.

The campaign was mindful of the Forum’s need to be seen as catalysing actionable progress—for example, 70 organisations alone pledged to join the NEF SolutionsLab—with content in the New Economy Forum online hub being refreshed and updated regularly.

Creative Director, branding and marketing

Mikell Fine Iles, design director
Stuart Whitmore and Chris Voigt, copywriter
Derek Bonvillain and Weiwei Zhou, graphic design
Alex Israel and Neil Gilbert, motion design
Lisa Ly and Justin Malko, production

Produced with help by VSA Partners and Decibel Sound.