The who is who of Spanish creative talent.

Circulo Creativo London was an online and events platform for the promotion of Spanish creativity in the UK. CCLND run from London during 2011 and 2014. In 2013, we launched UNO — the first ever multidisciplinary annual aggregating the best work generated by the community that year.

The publication took shape as digital publication featuring creative profiles, project highlights, as well as notable interviews with Wally Ollins and Spanish photographer Chema Madoz.

During a time when digital publications were not a thing, and promoting it only via word of mouth, we managed to reach 1,000 downloads.

CCLND was a personal passion project and had to shut down due to life priorities. But during those 3 years, myself, Pablo AmadeBelén Balado and Manu Sáinz de los Terreros run over 20 community events, that ranked from talks to exhibitions and established a data base of over 2,000 of the greatest names in Spanish creativity today, including Orcar and Cannes winners and top players across a multiple range of disciplines.

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