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Powered by Bloomberg. Built for Twitter.

Twitter is a powerful information medium. That’s no secret. But news in social media get messy sometimes, becoming really hard to distinguish between fact and opinion.

In 2018, Bloomberg set up to bring data-driven, quality journalism to a brand new news format on Twitter. TicToc is the first and only 24/7 social news network built for video streaming, delivering independent, verified, non-partisan news. It delivers breaking news and updates to your newsfeed as they happen, also aggregating relevantly curated tweets from trusted experts in the matter.

TicToc is a new way to consume news on social media, which proposed an interesting challenge when it came to presenting the product to the world. The identity we developed is designed to break through the noise of your Twitter feed with bold typography and palette. The language we used to promote the product is intentionally simplistic - straightforward advertising for a straightforward network.

Our communication strategy helped the TicToc team reach half a million subscribers in the product’s first year, establishing the platform as one of Bloomberg’s most promising news products.

Creative Director, branding and marketing

Michael Eisenreich, strategy
Mikell Fine Iles, design direction
Jordan Achilli and Sarah Abreu, art direction and brand design
John Luisi, video
Michael Fetsko, copywriting
Rob Greenspan and Nathan Jones, design