Get ready for the imminently possible.

Sooner Than You Think is a Bloomberg event franchise focused on the topics and trends on the cusp of revolutionising business, technology and the world around us.

Our partner Bloomberg Live, needed a modular identity system that could stretch from a humble banner all the way up to a modular event signage system to brand their events around the world.

We developed a glitch-inspired adaptable identity, that took the futuristically retro design from the Bloomberg Terminal as inspiration. It was essential to look modern and fresh, without falling in a bad cliche. From cryptocurrency to cybersecurity and the future of flying cars, a customised image treatment allows for the imagery to flex into the system seamlessly.

We piloted the design system at the first event of the series, hosted at Paris’ Station F in 2018. Speakers included Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris; Christopher Wylie, Whistleblower and former Director of Research for Cambridge Analytica; Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Facebook; and John Collison, President & Co-Founder of Stripe. The event has grown since then - the identity has helped the franchise keep a consistent identity that builds flexibility for its iterations in Brooklyn and Singapore. 

Role: Creative Director

Mikell Fine Iles, design director
Michael Fetsko, copywriting
Derek Bonvillain, graphic designer
Rodrigo Ribeiro, animator
Spacial design partner: Spontaneous

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