Go down 7 meters and back 2,400 years.

Situated on the site of Bloomberg’s new European HQ, the London Mithraeum is a cultural hub showcasing a 240 AD temple, a selection of Roman objects found during the excavations, and a series of contemporary art commissions responding to one of the UK’s most significant archaeological sites.

Working closely with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Museum of London we created an identity that helped communicate the dual nature of the offering - past and future, brought together.

The identity comes to live in signage, digital collateral for the hub, as well as a campaign that helped present the Mithraeum as a new cultural landmark for the city of London.

At launch, the campaign introduced the hub as a dual destination both for art and history enthusiasts. Later on, we introduced the stories behind some of artifacts discovered on the site, which helped highlighting the importance of the excavation as it reveals an important part of London's past.

Combining an integrated media and content strategy, the campaign managed staggering results, achieving over 60,000 pre-books in the week of launch. A year after its opening, we have helped the London Mithraeum become a landmark in the City, recognised by Time Magazine as one of the World’s Greatest Places in 2018.

Creative Director, branding and marketing

Phil Chubb, strategy
Oliver Eden-Green, copywriting
Magali Nishimura, art director
Dan Seffens, graphic design
Benitta Abood, website design