The people changing how the UK lives, works and thinks.

Championing creativity and technology, the Bloomberg Innovators celebrate innovation in the UK – by revealing and showcasing real innovation in the UK.

We put new definition around “innovation”, a word grown tired from years of industry-wide abuse. Our definition: the companies changing how the UK lives, works and thinks. We created a fully-integrated content campaign, designed to give value to UK start-ups – the next generation of business influencers – by raising their exposure through the channels at Bloomberg’s disposal. By enabling Innovators to become advocates themselves, we organically amplified the project’s exposure and reach. 

We assembled a panel of judges from finance, technology and social enterprise to identify the 50 breakthrough companies who are changing how the UK lives, works and thinks. We sent photo, video and editorial teams to the offices of these companies all over the UK to harvest content. A microsite provided the campaign’s heart, enabling users to explore the content captured in the field about each Innovator. Micro-videos on Facebook and Twitter provided bite-sized interviews and insights from Innovators, driving to the microsite. Crucially, we gave each Innovator their own social media toolkit, enabling them to become ambassadors for the project and give us access to their community on social.

The aesthetic and attitude of the micro-content was translated to promotional creative that ran in print, OOH and on TV. We hyper-targetted an OOH takeover at East London’s Shoreditch made a mark in the home of the majority of the Innovators, and succeeded where billboards couldn’t.

As a result, we broke company records for video consumption on social media, giving a huge boost in exposure to featured Innovators and enhancing Bloomberg’s positioning with this key audience. We raised the profile of some key companies, reshaping the UK's thriving business landscape. Our innovative content strategy and design were awarded at the Creative Pool Annual, ADC and D&AD.

Creative Director

Phil Chubb, content strategy
Damian Totman, ECD
Oliver Eden-Green, copywriting
Dan Seffens, graphic design
Justin Malko, executive producer
John Luisi, video editing
Jeremy Liebman, Carlos Jimenez, Ana Cuba and Benjamin McMahon and teams, videography and photography

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